CSIT Interface Designs

Hi guys!

It has been a busy week so I have not had much time to blog about my work and activities. Due to developments it seems the CoalFields funding for CCC will not be available in July as hoped – probably not until September or October. That is a pity but it will not stop us moving forward.

But! That is not why I am blogging today – I am here today to discuss some work I have been doing on the CSIT main interface.

After much deliberations between myself and Ashley Vaughan we argued the idea to the following interface style.

CSIT Main Window Design v2
CSIT Main Window Design v2

The design is simple, clean and should be easy to modify in the future. As you can see there are tabs dividing hardware and software (and there may be others there too). Next on the left of each tab there are the categories found under expanders. These will be made into accordion-style items eventually though I think it is more important to get the program working first. Finally on the right are the tabs containing the information from the selected category.

It was quite difficult deciding on one design since there were so many to choose from.

As always, any comments or suggestions relating to the design please post or contact me.

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