Working on a New Image Encryption Tool

Hi everyone!

Since I now have some more spare time I have been working on a new tool that allows you to securely hide at most 4 pieces of information (each a maximum of 255 characters in length) inside a random pixel image. I am working on ways to use this technique inside real images, but that is somewhat more difficult and it may take a while to perfect, if it works at all.

The image appears to be a random pixel generated image with varying colours, usually with 50×50 pixels in dimension (but this is not required to be so). The image looks something like this:

Sample image.

… And when you open it in the decoder tool you get something like this:

Preview of the decoded information.

The program is actually quite simple but the way in which the information is stored should make it quite difficult to break. However with the decoding tool I have designed, you need only open the image to retrieve the information. If anyone is interested in hearing more or has some ideas to contribute, please let me know. I will release more information about the system used and so on at a later time when I stabilize the idea and format.

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