The US – The Worlds Copyright Police?

I have just been reading a rather interesting article on TorrentFreak about a new law that the US government hopes to pass, for which I quote the title of the post on TorrentFreak.

United States lawmakers have proposed new legislation today that would allow the Department of Justice to take over domain names of websites that promote copyright infringement. The proposed bill would allow for court orders against domestic as well as foreign sites, which could potentially shutter many torrent sites including The Pirate Bay.

What the hell does the US think they are doing? Until now no political body has owned the rights to control the internet on that level, for whatever reason, and suddenly the US comes along and decides they have that right? How is it that the US feels they have the right to decide to impose their laws in other countries? Copyright law does not apply everywhere and it varies greatly from country to country… I fail to see how they can claim to remove a copyright infringing website from a country that may have a different idea of copyright violations.

Someone really needs to slap some sense into the US, they are starting to cross lines that are better left alone. Leave the internet free of political influence or beware the consequences.

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