Image Encryption Tool – Completed!

I am pleased to announce that the new image encryption tool I was working on is now completed, boasting some new features that I will post about later. I also hope to post about the format, and how the data is stored (though I will keep some of the details hidden to ensure the format remains secure). If anyone wishes to beta test the software then please context me.

But for now I am going to get some much deserved rest. Keep an eye here for more information soon.

The US – The Worlds Copyright Police?

I have just been reading a rather interesting article on TorrentFreak about a new law that the US government hopes to pass, for which I quote the title of the post on TorrentFreak.

United States lawmakers have proposed new legislation today that would allow the Department of Justice to take over domain names of websites that promote copyright infringement. The proposed bill would allow for court orders against domestic as well as foreign sites, which could potentially shutter many torrent sites including The Pirate Bay.

What the hell does the US think they are doing? Until now no political body has owned the rights to control the internet on that level, for whatever reason, and suddenly the US comes along and decides they have that right? How is it that the US feels they have the right to decide to impose their laws in other countries? Copyright law does not apply everywhere and it varies greatly from country to country… I fail to see how they can claim to remove a copyright infringing website from a country that may have a different idea of copyright violations.

Someone really needs to slap some sense into the US, they are starting to cross lines that are better left alone. Leave the internet free of political influence or beware the consequences.

Working on a New Image Encryption Tool

Hi everyone!

Since I now have some more spare time I have been working on a new tool that allows you to securely hide at most 4 pieces of information (each a maximum of 255 characters in length) inside a random pixel image. I am working on ways to use this technique inside real images, but that is somewhat more difficult and it may take a while to perfect, if it works at all.

The image appears to be a random pixel generated image with varying colours, usually with 50×50 pixels in dimension (but this is not required to be so). The image looks something like this:

Sample image.

… And when you open it in the decoder tool you get something like this:

Preview of the decoded information.

The program is actually quite simple but the way in which the information is stored should make it quite difficult to break. However with the decoding tool I have designed, you need only open the image to retrieve the information. If anyone is interested in hearing more or has some ideas to contribute, please let me know. I will release more information about the system used and so on at a later time when I stabilize the idea and format.

End of Future Jobs Fund (FJF)

Unfortunately my Future Jobs Fund (FJF) placement has now finished – which is a real shame since it was a really good scheme. So I am now once again looking for a job until the funding for CCC comes through.

I should have more time to post here in the interim in any event.

My New PC Has Arrived!

Hi everyone.

Just a quick post to let you know that my new PC has arrived and it is stunning, not to mention fast. It has:

  • A 64GB SSD primary hard drive
  • A 2TB secondary hard drive
  • 12GB of 1600MHz RAM
  • An Nvidia GeForce GTS 250 graphics card
  • An i7-930 processor

And much more!

New PC!

Hi everyone!

Well. I have finally ordered my new PC and it is going to be a monster. It will have 12GB of 1600 MHz memory, a solid state hard drive and liquid cooling as an i7 processor. I can’t wait for it to come back, it should be here sometime next week.

I will post about my experience with the new system when I get it.

Busy, Busy!

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the lack of blog posts recently. I have been quite busy with CCC related work. Now that we’ve sent off the 90k bid to the CoalFields Regeneration Trust and the 45k bid to the Rhonda Trust I have a little more free time. I will be getting a new computer in short order and then I should be able to continue work on CSIT (and hopefully provide some updates for you guys!).

Hopefully I will talk more soon!

Thoughts on Localization with WPF

Hi everyone!

I just thought I would stop by and share some thoughts with you on localization with WPF. I have spent the last few hours working on making CSIT localization before I add to much content to make it worth while. This is the first time I have ever made the effort to make an application localizable and I must say that it was not as painful as I thought it would be.

Eventually I decided to use a simple XML file and bound elements to it using data binding and XPath. Some things could not be bound to however and I had to implement a class that would read strings from the file and load them so they can be used later in the processing functions.

So far however it seems to be working just fine. And as proof here is a screenshot of the current CSIT interface that uses the new localization system.

The current CSIT Interface (v3)

Hopefully I will be posting more on this shortly. Once I am sure that the code works as intended I will try to release the code for others to use.

Stupid Mistakes

I spent a good few hours yesterday trying to figure out why my code to extract the Windows key from the registry was not working. The key was there but the code would not read it! It was infuriating.

After taking a little time to sit back and think about the problem – it dawned upon me. I am using a 64-bit operating system. This means that although the key appeared to be present in the location I was checking, it may indeed have been under the WOW64 part. After digging there it was.

With only a few modifications to my code, it now works successfully. I am quite pleased that Microsoft added a method to the register editing features in .NET framework 4 and for those who are interested I used the OpenBaseKey method of the RegistryKey class with the RegistryView attribute set depending on if the operating system is 64-bit or not.

The code now works perfectly. Let that be a lesson to you – focusing on answers to simple problems gets you nowhere fast!